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Complaints and Disciplinaries

Complaints relating to league matches, please contact your league secretary in writing (which includes email) within 72 hours of the match being played.
In the main, the officiating umpire deals with on-court behaviour during the game or under the rules and regulations of that competition.
Sometimes grievances can be sorted out on an informal basis with mediation. Cornwall Netball can help with this, just contact either Natasha Howard or Rachel Jones.
More serious complaints should be referred to the Resolution Lead. This may be such things as:-

  • Non-compliance with EN codes of conduct
  • Refusal to comply with DBS disclosure request
  • Any breach of EN’s Equality Policy and guidelines, or the Anti-Bribery policies.
  • During competition, if a player has been suspended; if the behaviour is repeated or serious; if an umpire or official suffers any form of abuse or coercion, including intimidation; if a player/umpire/official has used obscene, offensive, insulting or abusive language; if there is any discriminatory action concerning ethnic origin, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability.

In these situations, a more formal process is followed in accordance with EN Disciplinary Regulations and processes. For full details of these procedures and how to access them go to England Netball / Governance.

If you need advice on a more serious concern, please contact Cornwall Netball Resolution Lead, Rachel Jones (contcat details will be available in due course).
Allegations regarding Children, Young People and Adults at risk are dealt with under England Netball’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball and Adults at Risk Guidelines, procedures and policies. In this situation please contact Cornwall Netball safeguarding officer, Liz Hall ​

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